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ПодробнееСкачать шпаргалку Теоретическая грамматика английского языка 4 курс МГЛУ 30 вопросов бесплатно

1.Morphology and syntax as parts of gr. Main units and types of relations between  gr. units in language and speech
2.Main gr notions.gr mng and gr.form. Gr categories. Method of opposition.
3. Structure of words. Types of morphemes.
4. Means of form-building. Synthetic and analytical forms. Means of form- b & gram f are divided
5. Parts of speech. Principles of classification
6. Notional and functional classes of words
7. The noun. The category of number.
8. The noun. The category of case.
9. The noun. The category of article determination.
10.The adjective. The category of degree of comparison
11. The verb. The category of tense.
12. The category of order \ correlation.
13. The category of aspect.( vid)
14.The Category of voice.
16.Verbals. The category of...
МГЛУ: Шпаргалка Теоретическая грамматика 4 курс МГЛУ 30 вопросов
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