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ПодробнееСкачать шапаргалку по Страноведению МГЛУ на английском
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1.Give an account of the geographical position of the United States, its advantages and disadvantages. The size of the country, its composition.
2.Outline the physical features of the US. The chief mountain ranges and plains. The main rivers and lakes. The climate and climatic regions. The main mineral resources and their role.
3.Describe how the New World was settled paying attention to the story of the Native Americans – unique, tragic and inspiring. How do they fare today? Their contribution to the country and American English.
4.Examine the beginning of the colonization of North America by the first settlers from Europe. What considerations influenced many people to move to America? Who were the Pilgrim Fathers? Why are they held so high by the...
МГЛУ: Шпаргалка Страноведение МГЛУ на аглийском языке
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